Welcome to Al & Nic's Cel Carnival! This site is full of the classics that started it all. Well, at least for us it did. We started collecting cels in 2001 and our collection has been growing steadly. Enjoy!

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News & Updates

6/29/2010Yeah, we're still ticking. After a long break here comes another update!
10/5/2005Here is another proud update moment brought to you by Al & Nic's Cel Carival. We got our hands on some rare Ping Pong Club cels and extremely rare Venus Wars cels. JOOOOOY!!
8/12/2005WARNING! WARNING! This is a major update. We just got our hands on some incredible cels from AKIRA. Much props to my new buddy from HK. We are topping that off with two amazingly detailed oversized cels from Robot Carnival. The scanner truly doesn't do justice to them. Whether it's good or bad let us know what you think.
7/7/2005UPDATE!! Here are the incredible finds from Anime Expo 2005. I should have everything scanned in to the gallery by friday. We had a great time at the expo and an even better night at "Slugfest".

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Title Last Updated
AKIRA (23) 6/29/2010
Arion (1) 5/23/2005
Cobra (1) 7/14/2003
Cockpit (2) 1/21/2008
Dr. Slump (4) 5/13/2005
Dragon Ball (5) 10/29/2006
Fire & Ice (1) 7/14/2003
Fist of the Northstar (2) 12/30/2003
Golden Boy (3) 5/8/2005
Kabuto (1) 12/30/2003
Meitantei Holmes-Sherlock Hound (1) 12/30/2003
Ping Pong Club (4) 10/5/2005
Riding Bean (1) 12/30/2003
Robot Carnival- Chicken Man (3) 4/26/2005
Robot Carnival- Cloud (16) 5/25/2003
Robot Carnival- Deprived (14) 7/1/2010
Robot Carnival- Franken's Gear (33) 7/1/2010
Robot Carnival- Opening/Closing (15) 12/6/2004
Robot Carnival- Presence (21) 8/1/2005
Robot Carnival- Starlight Angel (36) 4/23/2005
Robot Carnival- Tale of two Robots (71) 8/12/2005
Roujin Z (28) 2/18/2008
Tree of Palme (2) 7/18/2008
Urusei Yatsura (6) 7/21/2005
Venus Wars (7) 10/5/2005

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